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Problem Resolution Help And Advice

We care about how our customers experience our services. This is the reason why we are a responsive team who would like to listen to your feedback and get back to you. Our “Code of Complaints” will help you get in touch with us for all your needs on Internet and phone services. You come to us with a problem and we will ensure that you always get an appropriate solution in a reasonable time frame. Do contact us and we will make sure that there would be no reason for your dissatisfaction.

Can I have more than one IP address?

Due to the current shortage in IPv4 addresses, the company that supply them are limiting the number of IP addresses that can be allocated, to manage those remaining. That’s why we are not offering more than one IP address per customer at this moment in time. If you do have a specific need for multiple fixed IP addresses please contact customer service.

Do you provide consistent speed?

We provide consistent and fast speeds to you irrespective of bandwidth requirements in your building. We strive to constantly upgrade our speeds based on the consumption needs of the connections in your building to keep giving you the best possible speeds.

We don’t believe in monthly caps at RapidNet or in reducing our traffic in any way. The more you use, the more that you can still use!

Do you provide more than one IP address for me?

IPV4 addresses are running short, hence there is a limit to how many can be assigned per customer. If you have specific needs or further queries, do contact our customer support helpline.

How do I cancel my connection?

In case you decide to cancel your broadband connection with us for any reason, we would make it as simple for you as possible. You may contact us on the support helpline on 09311380931 or on our email at to initiate the process.

You will have to provide us with a 3-day notice for disconnection with the reason for cancellation. This is applicable on all our package and data plan options.

If you are on a 12-month contract with us that is yet to expire, you will be charged an amount of Rs. 5000 towards cancellation and processing charges along with outstanding amount due, if any. For more details, please refer to our full terms and conditions.

How speedily is my new connection installed?

If you are an individual homeowner and are looking forward to a single connection, all it takes is an hour to get you connected to our broadband network. If you are looking to get a whole building connected, the exact time depends upon the age of the building, its size, and the complexity involved. It could take 4 to 6 weeks of time on an average to get your building connected. For further details and estimate, you could contact our customer care.

What charges can I expect on my first bill?

A one-time installation charge of Rs.1000 will have to be paid to get your connection set up and activated. Also, a one-time security deposit will have to be made (This sum is refunded to the customer at the time of cancellation or termination of the connection after completion of settlement formalities.)

This one-time security deposit is Rs.2000 for Wifi ONT connections and Rs.1500 for the non-Wifi option respectively.

All our broadband services are payable in advance for the month. The first bill would involve a higher amount to be paid because it will have charges for the present month and those for the following month invoiced together.

Installation and connection charges and extension charges are applicable till the date of invoice generation for the month.

What is the procedure of processing my final bill on termination of my connection?

The charges on your final invoice after the cancellation of your connection will depend on the type of package you have opted for at the time of registration. Rates and charges applicable on your broadband plan will have to be paid on your final invoice.

This invoice will be generated on the 15th of the month after you terminate your connection with us.

For any further queries you may have on invoice generation and payment, do contact us on our customer support helpline.

What is the time frame needed for activating my account?

We aim to provide you services in a fast paced manner. Our service personnel would get in touch with you to attempt installation within one business day after you make a request for a new individual connection. Once the connection is installed, you are all set to go as we activate your account immediately. However, if your request is to connect a whole building, you will have to preorder with us, and this may take longer than one business day. In case you have any queries, do contact us on our customer support helpline at 09311380931. Alternatively, you may contact us on email at